The Book Mavens

 Alice Evans is the creator of this site and fancies music, literature, and gets twitterpated over the supernatural. She likes a beefy discussion and a hearty laugh. She likes rainy days and a cozy room. If it’s whimsical, romantic, dark, or strange, she’ll fall in love with it (whatever it may be). Long and short of it is that she’s one of many simple little folks living life on our crazy planet.



 Azriel Hendricks lives her life in the light, but her mind dwells in the dark.  She enjoys books that are grim, gruesome and horrific.  The bloodier the better!  She loves to spend her weekends in her dark cave absorbing page after page of mind warping literature, so that she may re-emerge well adjusted and normal on Monday.


          Jaylin Turner loves to lose herself in a rainforest of words; deep, mysterious, and jaylinplentiful.  When she’s not busy in her world (which is VERY rare), she’s busy flipping though page after page of someone else’s.  She’s a kaleidoscope of adjectives with a dark sense of humor and a sharp tongue.  She loves to laugh and smile.  Luckily for her, she does plenty of both.  Jaylin’s icon is from blackeri. Click on the name to see her other work.




Ruby Greenwood is a girl who longs for those rainy days to sleep in and read a book next to the window. She loves to have music blasting while driving at night with the windows down and enjoying the night air.  Horror movies are a another favorite of hers, which she enjoys with a pillow (to protect her, of course) and her adorable dog, Cody, curled up nearby.


ewok47Allie is a book lovin’ ewok who enjoys watching horror movies and listening to the sounds of music on her free time.  Allie pretty much listens to every type of music, but will not be caught listening to contempory country (but has been caught doing so). She will not review books, but will recommend music to listen to while reading the books.   Allie also has the most extensive and diverse playlist.


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