Review: Uninvited by Amanda Marrone


First Line: “I closed my eyes, hoping he won’t come tonight.”

Jordan is just trying to take things day by day and get through high school. Every night her undead ex-boyfriend, Michael, sits outside her window begging her to let him in. Michael is relentless and is refusing to take no for an answer. All Jordan wants to do is to move on with her life, but Michael  is not making that possible. Finally, after he involves one of Jordan’s friends, she decides this has to end. She’ll have to muster up all her courage to take him down and take her life back. 

After reading the first few chapters of Uninvited, I was not impressed. Some of Jordan’s friends were the ditzy and annoying type. The story didn’t grab me and was dull. But I am glad I kept going! After I really got into the story, I liked where it was going and cared more about the characters. The story’s pace picked up and I was able to finish it pretty quickly. 

Jordan has an array of friends in the book and these relationships evolve throughout the story. I was pleased with Marrone’s writing here and her grasp on the personalities of each character.

The book flowed well and was a very fast read. I definitely recommend it for a plane trip or short car ride. 

I hope this author will improve on the opening for her next book.  I would try out another one by Marrone.


For: Those looking for another vampire book and a quick read





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~ by thebizarrelibrary on May 8, 2009.

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