Review: Dead Until Dead by Charlaine Harris


First Line: “I’d been waiting for the vampire for years when he walked into the bar.”

In this book, by a very talented Charlaine Harris, vampires have been given “living” rights among humans.  Synthetic blood, though rather disgusting as far as taste goes, keep the vampires who want to live a mainstream life from feeding on humans.  When a vampire enters Merlotte, a bar in rural Bon Temps, everyone, with the exception of Sookie Stackhouse, feels uncomfortable.  As matter of fact, Sookie’s ecstatic!  Then again, Sookie’s rather unique herself, being able to read minds and all.  This “power” is every bit of an annoyance as it is useful. 

When she happens to hear, via mind reading of course, the evil intent of a couple sitting with a vampire, to steal the vampire’s blood to sell in the black market as a potent aphrodisiac, Sookie feels the need to save him.  She succeeds and realizes the most amazing thing:  she can’t read the Vampire’s mind, try as she might.  The sound of silence is sweet music to Sookie, and thus begins the whirlwind friendship and romance with Vampire Bill.  Soon, the slow paced lives (and a few afterlives) of everyone in Bon Temps are about to get caught in a whirlwind of murders, drug use, and the supernatural…all with Sookie and Vampire Bill smack dab in the eye of the storm.

With that said, I felt this book is well written.  Ms. Harris has the most amazing way of keeping wit within almost every paragraph.  You fall in love with Sookie’s hot-tempered attitude, Bill’s modesty, and learn more and more about the rest of the characters in the book.  The book itself is very fast paced (hence, leaving the TV series far behind), and at times I found myself wondering just how I already got to certain parts, considering the book is only so many pages long.  (Then again, I read the book only after seeing several episodes of the series so, to my utter dismay, I felt myself being caught up a little too much into the differences.)  The book is very lively, smart, and full of sharp teeth as well as sharp tongues.  Charlaine Harris does not disappoint with this first book of the Sookie Series.

Warning:  If you read this book intending it to be just like the series, you’re in for a real surprise, so I would read it with a completely fresh mind and leave the HBO series far behind. 


For: People who just finished season 1 of True Blood and need something to do till season 2. 






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