Review: Zombie Blondes by Brian James


Favorite Passage: ” ‘It’s just…you’re kind of pretty…and she might try to turn you into one of them…one of her clones,’ he says. ‘I don’t want to see that happen to you, that’s all.’

I tuck my lip under my top teeth.

‘Is that suppose to be a compliment?’ I ask.

‘Nope,’ he says. ‘Just a warning’ ” (p.16)


Hannah’s always moved from one city to another due to her father.  He can never keep a job for one reason or another and the debt collectors are always after them.  They move to one town called Maplecrest and Hannah is very skeptical about it because there are “FOR SALE” signs on almost every yard, although her father is very adamant that this town will be their permanent and last home to live in.  She makes the best of it for her father’s sake, and because she loves him.  When she attends school this task becomes harder.

She meets a guy named Lukas, who seems very odd, and a bunch of perfect cheerleader blondes who pick on her.   She tries to stay out of their way, but being the new girl in a small town, that is not possible.  Lukas warns her multiple times that they are not what they seem, but she ignores him.  The draw of them is too intense that she wants to be a part of their group.  The head of the cheerleading squad, Maggie Turner, wants Hannah to be a part of their team.  Hannah is all too willing to become part of their clique. 

This book is a page-turner and though Hannah can come off as a total idiot for not listening to Lukas’s cautions, you have got to put yourself in Hannah’s position.  What girl doesn’t want to be special some how?  She’s moved around so much and no one has really paid any attention to her.  Having a Maggie Turner approach you is like sun shining down on you for Hannah.  Not saying that all girls want to be like Maggie, but for Hannah I can see why.   As the reader, I know the girls are not what they seem, but I still want to pull for Hannah.  Also, if I was someone who wasn’t open minded, would I really believe Lukas crazy antics?  She’s never been a part of the popular kids and this is her chance, regardless of what Lukas says.

The book is called Zombie Blondes, but oddly enough there are no zombies.  I’ll try not to give away any spoilers, but the zombies are more like vampires/body snatchers than zombies. In James’s defense, I don’t think the heart of this novel was really supposed to be about any supernatural creature.  It’s more about enjoying who you really are instead of trying to be someone your not.  I think the zombie term for this book is used to indicate mindlessness.

I’m not sure if this book is supposed to have a sequel, but it doesn’t have a conclusive ending, which bothers me.  They do battle the big evil, but questions were left unanswered.  It was abrupt and not a satisfying ending. 

All and all, this book was a good easy read.  It has a deeper meaning than just zombies and missing people.   I wish there was a better ending, but I would try another Brian James book if he writes another.       


For: Lovers of vampire zombies and to learn what not to do if you want to be popular

Alice Evans




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One Response to “Review: Zombie Blondes by Brian James”

  1. Hey-

    Thanks for reading and reviewing my book. I think you definitely got the gist of what I was trying to do with it.

    There may yet be a sequel…we’re currently discussing it. In my mind, it was always meant to have a second book that completed the story.

    brian james

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