Review: Soulless by Christopher Golden


Favorite Line: ” ‘I think we have made a terrible mistake,’ she said, before her head lolled forward, eyes fluttering closed.” (p.24)

Phoenix Cormier’s father is a professor and just so happens to also talk to the dead.  Along with two other very well known mediums, her father plans on communicating with the after life so they can pass messages to the living from their dead loved ones all at once.  They do this on a morning New York show called Sunrise.  While on live TV, they show all of New York what is happening, but something goes terribly wrong.  It seems the spirits have another idea, other then sending messages.  It doesn’t take long for all hell to break loose as zombies emerge from the ground.  During the novel, the story is told from several people’s points of view of what happens and what they do about it. 

Soulless is extremely creepy and fast-paced.  Zombies scare me in general, so that probably doesn’t help.   I like how Golden doesn’t hold back on the gore, even though it’s geared for the young adult, and believe me there is plenty of it.  It’s a massive page-turner and I had to read with the lights on.    

His interpretation of zombies is so different from the normal government virus or witch doctors trying to take over the world.  They are like the old-fashion zombies, but not.  At first, I was a little skeptical when the zombies started coming out of the ground.  Rotting corpses would not have the muscle mass to bust out of a coffin and climb through several pounds of dirt to get out, at least that’s what I tell myself.  Regardless, Golden explains somewhat how this happens.  These zombies have a drive and a need that makes them stronger than just a dead body.  They have no souls and they feel empty.  

My only issue with this book is with Phoenix.  She is so exasperating throughout the novel, but she ends up redeeming herself.  I’m fairly certain my issue with Phoenix is a reader to reader thing. I would like to go into more detail with it, but I would give away too many spoilers.  I would ask myself though, would you kill one person to save millions?

In the end, survival and zombies pretty much sums up this book.    If there were a major zombie uprising what would you do and how would you react?  Scary thought and I hope I never have to ask myself that.


For: People who want to think about life

Alice Evans




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