Review: Pretty Evil by Lexi Davis


First Line: “When Geffen Cage entered the Crustacean, an upscale French Colonial Vietnamese restaurant in a section of Beverly Hills known as the ‘Golden Triangle,’ he had one thought: I wish this was the Bermuda Triangle so my date would disappear.”

Best friends, all single and successful, Rice, Coach, and Geffen, find an amazing piece of property on Rodeo drive by accident and the wheels start to turn in businessman Geffen.  This place had all the makings of a great business venture, with its colossal hall in which to throw celebrity parties, multiple rooms perfect for a gym and sauna, and best of all, it was the perfect hideaway to seduce women. 

As the forth best friend rounding the group, Sunnie, who also happens to be a realtor, is asked by Geffen to draw up the paperwork on the property.  Sunnie becomes unusually uneasy about the place.  It makes her nearly ill and with good reason: she’s the only one that feels some sort of evil is tied to it.  She tries to tell the guys but only gets teased and taunted.  With her own drama working it’s way around her, she reluctantly agrees. 

With the ink barely dry on the paperwork, strange occurrences begin to happen surrounding the house, and soon takes shape in the form of all three of the guy’s every fantasy, and…nightmare.  Will Sunnie’s love for the guys be enough to save whatever evil has fallen upon them, or will Sunnie succumb to the evil herself?

I loved reading this book!  As the personalities of each of the characters emerged, I found myself laughing out loud sometimes as I envisioned my own group of guy friends and how they’d act around each other.  Each attitude is different as night and day but all have the same goal in mind…to have the very best. 

This book is full of attitude, drama, sex, love and, best of all, laughter!  Though it contained supernatural beings trying to ward off the group from their beloved home, it didn’t really focus on that.  It focused more on the love the group had for one another despite some of the hardships they faced. 

It was pretty hard for me to put this book down because I was drawn to the comedy in it.  Pretty Evil is definitely a pick-me-up if you want to read a feel-good story and have a good laugh along the way.  Highly recommended!


For: Readers who want a wild and crazy read.






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2 Responses to “Review: Pretty Evil by Lexi Davis”

  1. Ha, I love the first line of the book! That is amazing, and it certainly alludes to the book’s great humor that you rave about! I’ll definitely have to pick this one up!

  2. I don’t doubt you’ll have a great time with this book! When you’re done with it, please come back and let me know how you felt about it. I’d love to hear what you thought!

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