Review: Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning


Favorite Passage: “With a sharp clucking sound, he grabbed my shoulder, turned me in the opposite direction, and barked, ‘Air ye deaf, lass?’

I think.  He might have called me a hairy jackass.

Smiling brightly.  I went south.” (2006 version p.27)

MacKayla Lane is a young 22 year-old from Georgia who likes sun tanning by the pool, listening to her music, and bartending by the local bar. But her life changes when she gets a phone call that announces her older sister, Alina, is found dead in a alleyway in Dublin, Ireland. MacKayla is distraught, especially when she hears a frantic voice message from her sister that was sent to her 4 hours before her death. She did not get it earlier because her cell phone fell in the pool that she was sun tanning by. The police have no leads and think it’s drug related, so MacKayla takes a trip to Ireland without her parents knowing. She knows that if she told them they would forbid her to go.

The first day MacKayla lands in Ireland and explores all the wonders, she starts seeing strange things and nearly gets killed, but happens upon a place called “Barrons Books and Baubles”. She meets an interesting tall dark fellow by the name of Jericho Barrons. He says he can help her find Alina’s killer if she helps him find something for him. She doesn’t know if she can trust Jericho or not, but she knows the only way to seek justices for her sister is with the help of Jericho.

MacKayla is somewhat of a hard character to get a long with. She is not the brightest bulb and she does a lot of stupid things. She needs to be clubbed over the head before things can sink in and is stubborn in the most desperate times. She seems to have a hard time putting blame on herself and is quick to blame the people around her, Especially Jericho. He repeatedly tells her to go home because things are going to get worse if she doesn’t.

“If you insist. Don’t be a fool. Don’t insist.”

“I’m insisting. What is it?”

“Last Chance.”

“Too bad. I don’t want a last chance. Tell me.” (p.48)

“You came to me. Remember that.”

He never did let me forget it. You chose, he would remind me later. (p.89)

Jericho does this a lot to MacKayla, and warns her repeatedly, telling her to go home. But be prepared to put up with this:

“I felt like crying. I felt like collapsing in a puddle right there at the door and whimpering, Please make it all go away. I want my sister back and I want to go home and forget that I ever came here. I want to never have met you. I want my life back just the way it was.” (p.95)

The good thing about her being this ignorant and stubborn is that she’s strong and isn’t your typical blond, pretty, pink nailed woman.

This book oozes foreshadowing. I’m not just talking about the prologue because I can usually handle that, but the foreshadowing is just all though this book and it’s obvious. I am not a big fan of this. Since this book is told though MacKayla, I want to learn about the things she learns when she learns it. It seems the author was trying to make this novel something that happened in the past and the heroine is telling us the story, but I find it annoying. An example of this that really got me:

“I would later discover that my gut instinct was right; there’d been no dog that night. The blood on his hand was human.” (p.90)

Moning also likes using pop cultural references that I find ruins the book when over used. She mentions the channel station WB, and that station is no longer. It’s not over loaded like some books I’ve read, but there’s enough to date the book.

With all this you would think I hated the book, but not so. The story itself is great. It does leave off with the dreaded cliff hanger, which I was aware of, but you do keep the pages turning. It has intriguing characters and it probably helps that it’s a paranormal set in Ireland. Not all the fairies are pretty and the author is very descriptive with how they look.

Jericho is another reason why I enjoyed this book. He doesn’t put up with MacKayla’s bull. In fact, he is the reason why I put up with her. If he can do it, so can I. He’s dark, mysterious, and mean. Just the way I like them.

There is a hint of an attraction between MacKayla and Jericho, but nothing happens in the book. Although Moning has announced that this is book 1 of 5, and that there will be more sex in the later books to come, there is little to none in this one.

Despite the horrible cover, I found this book to be one of the better paranormal romance books out there. It’s truly hard to categorize but it’s dark, it has humor, and it does not overwhelm you with sex. I will be reading the next book in the series.


For: Readers who want to read outside of the box.

Alice Evans




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  1. Hey – great review! I’m following your blog 🙂

  2. Thank you. Your site is very pretty and I’m glad you like the book. The following book would have to be my favorite.

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