Review: In the Serpent’s Coils by Tiffany Trent


Favorite Line: “Rory finally said, ‘Is that all it takes to buy your loyalty, Miss Corrine? A box of chocolates?'” (p.189)

The Civil War has just ended. The country is on the mend. Corrine Jameson awakes to discover everything she cares for is gone. Her parents are dead and she herself barely escapes a severe illness. With nowhere else to go, she is sent to Falston Manor, a boarding school run by a family friend. On first arriving, Corrine learns of the harsh world she never experienced when living on her family farm. She does make friends, but also must deal with strict teachers and cruel schoolmates. On top of that, Corrine continues to have frightening dreams, and find ancient love letters all dealing with the fey. While being unable to escape her frightening visions, she is also at a loss with whom to trust. As girls from Falston disappear, Corrine must unearth the truth before it is too late. 

The cover for this book piqued my interest. I also love a good supernatural mystery and have been in need of a new series to read. In Tiffany Trent’s first book of the series, In the Serpent’s Coils, she delivers just what I was looking for. 

Corrine is a girl who wakes up with nothing and must survive on her own. As she is sent to Falston, she is determined to keep a stiff upper lip and not let teachers like Miss de Mornay, and classmates like Melanie, get the better of her. Corrine is a well written character who has a strong sense of survival, yet is also a gentle and caring person. I grew to like Corrine very much. She is curious about the strange happenings at Falston and wants her friends to be kept safe. 

There was one element of the story that kept nagging at me as I read. Corrine makes some frustrating choices. Now, having finished the book, it is clear these events had to take place. Also, it is refreshing that the main character did not blindly make all the right decisions, as such would never happen in reality. 

I have not read historical fiction for quite some time, and I enjoyed it very much. It was very easy to let the story take me right into Falston Manor in the 1800s with Corrine. 

The text is written so beautifully that I was able to admire Trent’s writing skill and her imaginative story telling separately; together they created a wonderful novel. All in all, I loved the book and will be picking up the next, By Venom’s Sweet Sting.


For: Historical fiction readers who like dark twists 





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