Review: Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz


Favorite Line: “Black is the color of night,” Charles muttered.  “White is the true color of death.” (p.71)

Schuyler Van Alen isn’t really a part of the popular crowd at her posh private school. At least not yet. After a student is found dead, Schuyler’s whole world starts to change. She starts experiencing changes and the most popular guy in school begins to pay attention to her. Soon Schuyler discovers some reasons behind the sudden change; she is a “Blue Blood”, the main answer behind who is popular and who isn’t. The “Blue Bloods” are an ancient race of invincible vampires. It is said they can’t be killed, but something has begun killing them. Now Schuyler, with the help of her friends, must discover the truth before something kills her entire race.

I have seen this book around for a while but never thought to read it until now. I assumed it would be like a Gossip Girl or Clique series, which is not my cup of tea. After getting into the story, I found my assumption was both right and wrong. The novel does not follow the point of view of just one character, but three. When reading as a certain character, there is a feel of superficial, Gossip Girl mind set where a focus on status and style is central. But it works because that is just the way of the character. Most of the book, though, follows Schuyler and she is not hung up on brand names and social status.

The story has a lot of history to it, going far back in time. I enjoy historical fiction, so I liked this aspect very much. I was impressed with the plot woven by the author and how everything fit together. The writing style has an easy flow and I finished it in a couple of days. The books chapters were relatively short which gave me excuse to keep reading (“Just one more and I’ll go to sleep!”). I don’t really have much criticism for it. It was an easy read that I enjoyed very much. I can’t wait to continue with the next, Masquerade.


For: Those who enjoy YA vampire series with a touch of historical fiction





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