Review: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Favorite Line: “Mercy,” he mumbled.  What the hell did you do to my French Roast?” (p.251)

Mercedes Thompson, also known as Mercy, is a skinwalker.  Skinwalkers are a Native American myth of witches who have the ability to change into some sort of animal and are typically not nice people.  Mercy is no evil witch, though she can change into a coyote and she happens to be raised by werewolves.  She can change at will and doesn’t have to physically change like werewolves do.  She magically changes and is faster than a werewolf, but not stronger.  She owns a car repair garage and works as a mechanic in a world in which humans are aware of fairy creatures.  However, humans are not aware of her kind, werewolves, vampires, and witches.  She lives next door to the head honcho-alpha-werewolf of the Tri-Cities, and tries to stay out of werewolf politics as much as she can, until a young werewolf shows up at her garage looking for work.  He doesn’t tell her his name or what he’s doing there, but he needs her help.  She helps the kid out and this is when the trouble starts to ensue.

I love Mercy.  I love the fact that she is not the traditional bad-ass heroine that a lot of urban fantasy authors write about.  Mercy understands her limits, and there is always a rational explanation on why, and how, she gets into trouble. Whether it is to try and rescue someone, or trying to back away slowly from something she doesn’t want to get involved in.  The connection that Mercy has with the other characters and the history behind everything was written amazingly well.  I felt like, as a reader, that I was actually meeting someone and her friends.   There is a small love triangle which I love, but there is no sex, at least in this book.  So there is no confusion as to whether this is a paranormal romance or urban fantasy.

I will admit there are some slow parts and the suspense was flimsy, but when the action happens I find myself having to keep flipping the pages.  Some reviewers thought the ending was a big climax, but I didn’t think that. I actually thought it was anti-climatic, but still found the ending enjoyable.   


For: People who thought Laurell K. Hamilton has sold out



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