Review: The Host by Stephenie Meyer


Favorite Line: “My mouth hung open as Ian wheeled and nearly sprinted from the room.” (P. 345)

Planet Earth has been taken over by alien souls who get implanted into the human body and immediately take over.  They have the ability to wipe the original human soul and occupy the body as long as they want to. The aliens are a peace loving bunch and don’t believe in violence of any kind.  They have been to many worlds and find this planet to be very exciting and beautiful.  They don’t care what they are doing to the human race and feel what they are doing is a virtuous thing. 

Wanderer is an alien that inhabits other beings and takes over there bodies.  She has actually been in several bodies before arriving on Earth.  She specifically requests for an adult female and is told to report anything that her new body remembers and to deliver the information to her race.  The information that this body holds could help the aliens get rid of the remaining rebel humans left on the planet.  Sadly for Wanderer, her body is fighting with her and doesn’t want to leave.  Wanderer hopes she will eventually fade away, so Wanderer can start with a new life with a new body.

Melanie Stryder has just been implanted with Wanderer.  She’s not ready to leave her body whether Wanderer likes it or not.  Wanderer is searching for information in her brain that Melanie doesn’t want to give.  Melanie plans on fighting Wanderer tooth and nail to not let her have access to the information that she could possibly steal from Melanie.  Like the man that Melanie left behind.

Meyer’s spectacular fiction is a bit different then her Twilight saga, and it’s just as good if not better.   The beginning of this novel is somewhat slow in pace, and I think it’s due to the fact that the aliens have taken over Earth for several years and we are just entering it in the middle of an implant.  This makes the readers a little bit confused, but it picks up shortly after Melanie and Wanderer start talking to each other.  This was the only thing I could find wrong with it.

The story really isn’t about your standard science fiction, but about human nature. It also seems Meyer’s main emphasis is on what humans do for survival and what we can do when we are in desperation mode.  The “for the greater good” plays a huge message in the telling of this story as well.  Meyer concentrates on the relationships that take place and she always writes interesting characters.  The woman has a talent for the dramatics.

It is a very compelling read with very intense moments and some gently humorous scenes.  It’s also full of emotion that will pull the readers’ heart strings and make you sigh.


For:  Readers who don’t like to read science fiction, but want to be taken to a different world.


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