Review: Frostbite by Richelle Mead


Favorite Line: “This changes everything, doesn’t it?” I asked. “Yeah,” he said. “It does.” (p. 22)

Rose Hathaway’s life can never stay “normal” for very long. After having to protect her best friend Lissa Dragomir from the Strigoi, she looks forward to a holiday vacation. But that dream evades her when Strigoi start attacking royal Moroi families. Fearful for their safety, Moroi and all of the students at St. Vladmir’s Academy travel to a private ski resort to spend the holidays together. While at this lavish resort, Rose has to deal with her feelings for Dimitri and her good friend Mason, who has a crush on her. With a love triangle and more Strigoi attacks threatening the lives of her friends, stressed is just barely what describes Rose at the moment. 

Lingering immaturity in the Dhampirs, the guardians of the Moroi, sends Rose and her friends on a fool’s mission. Now, Rose must trust her instincts and help get herself and her friends out of the clutches of the Strigoi…

After reading the first book in the Vampire Academy series, I could not wait to read the second one. Something new is waiting for Rose Hathaway as we find out in the first chapter. Her hatred of the Strigoi increases greatly after she learns of a horrific attack on a royal Moroi family. It puzzles her how the Strigoi, though strong, could have overcome the experienced Dhampirs guarding that family. Her desire to fight and kill the evil vampires is at its highest. 

Rose seems a tad more serious in this book. I suppose it is from her brush with danger while protecting Lissa from where we left off in the first novel. Not to mention her ever-absent mother is coming along on the trip and Rose is not excited to see her. She does have her beloved quick wit, which is my favorite part of Rose’s character, just shown less often. I was happy to see her friendship with Mason grow a bit, even though she can never seem to decide what to do about his crush on her. She also has the added frustration of an older woman setting her sights on Dimitri, her star-crossed crush. This, coupled with Mason’s flattery, puts Rose in a jealous and rash state of mind. 

The reader gets to explore more in depth the culture of the Moroi Royals. There seems to be a democracy among the 12 royal families although they are lead by a queen. The discussions that took place in this book set up a great deal of possibilities for the story to continue. Rose also meets another member of the Royals: Adrian Ivashkov. He is very mysterious and has a peculiar interest in both Rose and Lissa. 

The action does not begin until the latter part of the book, but then good luck putting it down! Richelle Mead’s easy flowing style is once again present, much to my delight. While the first had a sort of who-done-it aspect, this one offers action and intense moments of uncertainty.  

The only thing I hope to see more of in the series is more sarcastic humor from Rose to return. But Frostbite did not disappoint and I am ready and waiting for the next, Shadow Kiss, to get here! 


For: Lovers of Vampire Academy and a series that builds on each book


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