Review: Enchanted Inc. By Shanna Swendson



Favorite Line:  “It’s not even a first edition.  You could get it used for about five bucks.” (p.123)

It’s Bridget Jones meets Harry Potter in this enchanting tale of fantasy, humor, and adventure.  Katie Chandler has no love life, can barely afford her rent, and has a horrible job.  Until one day an odd e-mail about a job pops up in her inbox at work.  She thinks it’s just spam and deletes it, but it continuously shows up.  After having a really bad day at work, she takes a chance and checks it out.  It sounds like the deal of a life time.  But she meets Owen Palmer and Rodney Gwaltney for the job interview they don’t exactly tell her what she’s in for.  They tell her she would be giving them a reality check for their company and hand her a card that says MSI, Inc.  Little does she know that it stands for Magic, Spells, and Illusions and her power is in high commodity. 

This was a very interesting read.  It didn’t have enough romance or sex to be a paranormal romance and it didn’t have enough action or mystery to be considered an urban fantasy.  I thought Swendson did a good job of mixing a bunch of different elements, but it will be very hard for book stores to categorize it.  It took me a while to get into Katie’s head, but when her boss started yelling at her, I started to relate and was then hooked. 

Unfortunately, there are a lot of slow parts.  I’m going to cough-it-up to the fact that this is the author’s first Katie Chandler book and the author was getting the feel for Katie.  At some parts there did seem to be some filler.  She talks several times about resumes and about Rodney’s looks.  Things that could have just been mentioned briefly when she wrote it.  She also mentions her roommates/friends briefly and I feel like we needed to get to know them, but I barely see them.  I understand that they are not the star of the show, but they are a part of Katie’s life and other than helping out with rent and shoving her on blind dates, I really don’t see the point of them being in the book.

Katie herself is witty and tough, but at times can be a real fuddy duddy almost to the point of annoying.  Luckily, Swendson brings us the sparks that is Owen and Katie and the seduction of the possibility of something more.  So far, he seems like the crush that you just like to keep to yourself and never share.

Again, you will not find any action packed scenes or heavy romance pages in this book.  This is just plain ‘ol, light smooth reading for the lighthearted reader.  


For: Readers who want to see Bridget Jones living it up in New York surrounded by mythical creatures.           


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