Review: Chasing the Dead by Joe Schreiber

Favorite Passage:  ” ‘He always goes for the eyes,’ Phillip said, not looking back at her.  ‘He shoots them out.  He doesn’t keep souvenirs.’ ” (p.179)

Susan Young has a dark secret and she is about to have the worst night of her life.  Within a matter of minutes, her world goes from normal to terrifying.  Her young daughter has been kidnapped by someone who knows more about her burden than she does.  In a mixture of snow, tears, and blood, Sue has to follow precise instructions given to her by the kidnapper if she ever wants to see her daughter alive again.  Even if it means literally digging up her dark past.

During her journey into the dark and cold night, Sue is forced to confront horrors long forgotten.  With all of the death, re-animation of corpses, and local history lessons, Sue has to understand these clues by the end of her drive so she can save herself and her daughter.

It took me a few chapters to really get into the book, but the storyline is good and I enjoyed it.  It starts off like a regular mystery novel, but things begin to get really interesting when blood starts to flow.  As the book progresses, supernatural elements start seeping in and it helps round out the story. 

If this book does not hook you in the beginning, be patient.  It gets better and more horrific as it goes on.  I would not say this book is on the top of my list, but it is definitely worth the read.  I look forward to seeing what else this author has in store for us.


For: The lovers of mystery and horror fans




  Author’s Site


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