Review: Gale Force by Rachel Caine

Favorite Line: “I’m about ninety-nine percent sure I had nothing to do with it.” (Advance Copy p.12)

It is good versus evil in this latest installment of the Weather Warden series.  Joanne Baldwin is on a vacation and is thrilled when her Djinn lover, David, asks for her hand in marriage.  Unfortunately, her happiness is short lived.  While organizing for her wedding, an earthquake erupts in Florida and is caused by a mysterious black shard.  David cannot help her because he still has his own war to battle between new Djinn and old.  Meanwhile, the media is trying to hunt her down so Joanne can explain what the Weather Wardens are and how they do the things they do, exposing Weather Wardens to the rest of the world.  Weather Wardens and Djinn are finding out that she’s marrying David and they are not to happy about that.  New characters are introduced and, of course, Joanne gets beaten up quite a bit.   The stakes are very high and danger is everywhere in this tale of the Weather Wardens.

In the 7th book of the Weather Warden series the body count is high and it is a pivotal part of the Weather Warden history.  Characters are dying left and right and Joanne is up against a whole heap of problems.  There is not a singlel moment of slowing down and the pace is strong. 

I found this book to be a massive page turner and enjoyed the intensity and excitement this book has to offer.   I could feel Joanne’s desperation and false hopes in the situations that she has to go through. The last book in the series left me confused and wondering how things came about.  I did not feel this way about Gale Force.

Caine is always beautiful at her world-building and some of the mystery that is involved in this story kept me guessing till the end.  It is recommended that you read the earlier books in the series to get the history, but it is not necessary. 

The ending does not tie up all the conflicts which will continue on in her next book and most likely upset some readers (including me), but it doesn’t leave with such an abrupt ending as books in the past have.  

Overall, this story made me laugh and it made me cry. I am eagerly awaiting the next novel. It’s a roller coaster full of emotions and I was thrilled that I got to ride on it.


For: The reader who loves getting there butt-kicking women getting there butt kicked. 



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